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Robotics Capabilities - designed to work for your requirements and complete your orders fast and on time.

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Bending Capabilities - Apolo Specializes in a variety of bending techniques which may be done in punch press or hydraulic press or on custom built equipment utilizing hydraulic pumps.

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Deburring, Surface Finish Prep & Weld Prep Capabilities - Vibratory Deburring with a variety of media Stroke Sanding / Sandblasting / Manual Deburring.

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Assembly & Welding Services

Assembly Capabilities - Apolo Manufacturing Company provides Precision Assembly services for discerning customers who rely on us to be their manufacturing partner.

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Precision Machining

Precision Machining Capabilities - 8 CNC Cincinnati Milling Machines with work area from 40”x 20” to 60”x 26”.

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Stamping | Piercing | Punching

Stamping & Piercing Capabilities - Our capabilities include blanking, piercing, forming, drawing, and progressive stamping of metal parts.

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Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting Capabilities - Metal Saw - cut tolerance of +/-0.25 mm from 25.0mm to 6000 mm in length - Compound Double Mitre CNC controlled Saw - Programmable saw with 22 inch blades stores part setup data for compound miter

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Custom Equipment

Custom Equipmen Capabilities - Apollo specializes in building custom equipment for larger projects to ensure the lowest possible production costs

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Welding & Fabrication

Apolo Manufacturing prides itself on being one of the most diverse process-capable, full-system metal product fabricators within our industry.

Metal Fabrication | Tool & Die | Aluminum Extrusion

Apolo Manufacturing is your 'one-stop shop' when it comes to Metal Fabrication, Tool & Die and Aluminum Extrusion, from concept and design assistance to material sourcing, fabrication, assembly and final packaging. We are with you from start to finish, and we're not happy till you're expectations are either met or surpassed!

Explore Apolo Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Robotics Precision Cutting Stamping / Piercing Precision Machining Custom Equipment Bending Parts Deburring Assembly Welding

We offer MIG welding and TIG welding services for the fabrication of a variety of OEM parts. Our welding capabilities are an essential additional service that supports our various machining and turning capabilities.

Featuring both free-hands and robotic welding methods for a variety of industrial sectors, we adhere to a range of strict industry standards, including Mil-spec, ANSI, and SAE requirements. In addition to welding, Apolo Manufacturing and Fabrication offers assembly, engineering, prototype services, and more.

To find out how Apolo can accommodate your next welding project, please contact us today.

Two common methods of welding involve Metal Inert Gas, or MIG welding, and Tungsten Inert Gas, or TIG welding. And at Apolo Manufacturing Inc. we offer both forms as well as spot and resistance welding.  Our traditional MIG welding and TIG welding services can meet all of your needs for welding aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and carbon steel.

Work smarter with Apolo Manufacturing!

Apolo Manufacturing has redefined the Art of Metal Working. Apolo is renowned for our expertise in all of our chosen types of metal working. Our customers rely on our ability to manufacture high quality, close tolerance parts and ship on-time at a competitive price.

While our specialty is aluminum, we work with many different metals. Because we work closely with the aluminum extrusion mills, we are able to offer “one-stop-shopping” for all of your aluminum parts. We offer years of expertise in machining, stamping, welding, fastening as well as metallurgy, tooling and equipment design & metal finishing.

MIG | TIG | Spot | Robotic Welding Capabilities

MIG Welding

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) or as it even is called GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) uses an aluminum alloy wire as a combined electrode and filler material. The filler metal is added continuously.

The MIG-process uses a direct current power source, with the electrode positive (DC, EP). By using a positive electrode, the oxide layer is efficiently removed from the aluminum surface, which is essential for avoiding lack of fusion and oxide inclusions.


TIG Welding

TIG Welding stands for Tungsten Inert Gas and is a technique that’s known for using a non-consumable tungsten electrode along with an inert gas (usually argon). Tungsten is a rare, hard element that offers a high purity, high quality weld.

TIG welding is the most popular welding technique used today because it offers a high degree of purity, a clean weld and it can be used in many industrial, residential and commercial applications.

Spot Welding

Spot welding is one of a group of resistance welding processes that involve the joining of two or more metal parts together in an area by the application of heat and pressure.

The heat is generated within the material being joined by the resistance to the passage of a high current through the metal parts, which are held under a pre-set pressure.


Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding is the process of employing automated, mechanized, programmable machines (robots) to fully-automate the welding process.

Robotic Welding, is beneficial due to faster turn around times, extreme precision, and the ability to handle large volumes of welding work without fatigue, and while maintaining the kind of precision you would expect from a robot. If your fabricated metal products require a more personal touch, we also staff some of the most skilled hand-welders in the industry.

MIG | TIG | Spot | Robotic Welding

MIG Welding & TIG Welding Shop Capabilities

General Capabilities
  • Contract Production
  • Small Parts Large Parts
Industry Focus
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • General
  • Medical
Intended Application
  • Dissimilar Metals
  • Hard Face
  • Micro
  • Miniature Stud
  • Precision Assembly
  • Narrow Groove
  • Seam Welded Tube
  • Strip
  • Tubular Frame
Industry Standards
  • ISO-9001-2008 (International Organization for Standardization)
  • ISO/TS 16949
Welding Operation
  • Free Hand
  • Welding Positioner
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
Additional Services
  • Assemblies
  • Consulting
  • Prototype
  • Research and Development

Custom Fabricated Parts Production

Major Programs - Automotive

  • Accura-NSX
  • Cadillac-Escalade
  • Chevrolet-Camaro
  • Ford-F150
  • Lincoln-Navigator
  • Tesla
  • Cadillac-ATS
  • GMC-Colorado
  • Chevrolet-Volt
  • Chyrsler-Town and Country
  • Dodge-Viper

Apolo Manufacturing produces parts for some of the World's most prestigious Automobile Companies such as Ford, Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, Tesla and others. We are proud to be involved in the design, manufacturing, production, assembly and shipment of parts for vehicles such as the Honda Accura NSX, Lincoln Navigator, Chrysler Town & Country, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Volt, Dodge Viper, Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac ATS, GMC Colorado, the innovative new Tesla lineup and the tried and true classic Ford F150.

To learn how we can help move your parts productions forward in style, please feel free to contact one of our engineers today for more information!

Apolo Manufacturing redefines the art of Metal Working!

In 1988, Apolo began as a small die shop, specializing in press tooling. Soon, other services such as CNC machining nand stamping of parts were offered as well. In 2003 we acquired TS Aluminum Fabrication, increasing our competency in welding and heavier fabrication and assembly. Our facilities have also expanded into our current 35,000 sq. foot plant to better serve all your Metal Working needs.

Since the beginning, Apolo has established a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, close tolerance parts. While our specialty is aluminum, we are experienced in copper, stainless and other steels. Our production capabilities include precision cutting, machining, stamping, welding, fastening and assembly as well as tooling & equipment design.

Explore Apolo Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Robotics Precision Cutting Stamping / Piercing Precision Machining Custom Equipment Bending Parts Deburring Assembly Welding

ISO Certifications / Accreditation / Mission Statement

Metal Fabrication | Tool & Die | Aluminum Extrusion | ISO/TS 16949 Certification Metal Fabrication | Tool & Die | Aluminum Extrusion | ISO 9001 Certification Metal Fabrication | Tool & Die | Aluminum Extrusion | Capabilities PDF .pdf

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental membership organization and the world's largest developer of voluntary International Standards.
We are made up of our 163 member countries who are the national standards bodies around the world, with a Central Secretariat that is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Learn more about our structure and how we are governed.

What are standards?

International Standards make things work. They give world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. They are instrumental in facilitating international trade.
ISO 9001 | ISO/TS 16949 Certification

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